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About Us: Joice

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If you have happened to send us an enquiry before, then we already have had a chance to get in touch.

I'm Joice. I work with Pete and Amelia to make sure all customer concerns are taken care of. I’m Minimalist Jewellery’s Customer Experience Manager and Social Media Manager. I was a new addition to the team last year and I’m so happy to be a part of it!

I recently started working as a freelancer and I have wanted to get out of corporate for so long. I’m so glad I took the leap as working for small to medium businesses is much more fulfilling than working for people in the corporate world who probably doesn’t even know you, much less care about what you contribute to their company. Working for a smaller team makes you realize how much you can do for that company, you’d realize how valuable you are. It motivates you to challenge yourself and expand your skills and add more to the list.

One of best things of working as a freelancer is having flexible hours. It allows me to have time to do other things that I love like photography (and editing), calligraphy, painting, skateboarding, surfing and travelling. It doesn’t limit the amount of time I can spend doing these as long as I manage my time properly.

Five random things we didn't know:

  1. I can play the guitar. I can sing too, but not very well.
  2. I don't know how to cook any meals. I can only cook hotdogs and eggs. Very unfortunate.
  3. I do yoga.
  4. I believe in parallel universes and that everything is just energy and vibrations (and other weird things like that and quantum physics, lol).
  5. I would NOT trade any sci-fi film for a romantic movie. I geek out on sci-films a lot. #starwarsgeek

Enough about myself. We at Minimalist Jewellery work together to give you guys jewellery that accentuates your style while making sure your feedback is valued. Say hi or let us know if you have concerns and I’ll get straight back to you. 

 Joice x 


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